Anamaria Laguna-Dunn

Senior Counsel

119 Fifth Avenue, Third Floor
New York, New York 10003 USA

Phone: (212) 245-7300 x151
Direct: (646) 893-2409
Fax: (212) 586-5175
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Anamaria Laguna-Dunn is Senior Counsel at Serling Rooks Hunter McKoy Worob & Averill LLP. She began working for the firm in 2007 and her focus is on the drafting and negotiation of various music industry contracts, including recording, music publishing, management, producer, mixer, sponsorship, touring, employment, merchandising, licensing, and new media agreements. Prior to SRH, Anamaria served as the Assistant Family Law Facilitator to the Superior Court of Marin County, California. Anamaria began her career in the music industry during law school when she worked for Kurfirst-Blackwell Entertainment, a New York and Los Angeles based talent management firm founded by Gary Kurfirst and Chris Blackwell.